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Wine Closet Design Ideas

Converting a closet into a wine cellar has definitely become a popular trend as of late. If closet wine cellar design ideas are something you’re looking for then you’re in luck! We here at are well equipped to assist with wine racks for just that.

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Wine Closet Under Stairs

A small closet under stairs can become a wine closet – and for a personal touch, corks can be hand-glued to the wall.

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Wine Closet Conversion

Easily transform a closet or small space into aesthetic wine storage with metal wall mounting wine racks.

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DIY Basement Wine Closet

Our designers created DIY wine cellar pieces that are modular, and ready go. The design is done for you!

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Custom Stained Wine Closet

This versatile, Cellar Combo in mahogany fits perfectly in a former closet space.

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Closet Wine Rack Kit

A small opening within a closet is enough space for wine storage with our Pine Wine Rack Kits

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Small Closet Converted

Any space becomes aesthetically pleasing when using modern metal wine racks.

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Maximized Closet Conversion

A small space under a staircase can have new life with our Premium Series and metal wall wine racks.

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Filled to Capacity

Take advantage of full wall space in any closet or small room, now turned into a cozy wine cellar.

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Custom Mahogany Wine Closet

Our mahogany wine racks stand the test of time and make a picture perfect custom wine closet.