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Wine Wednesday: A View Into's Wine Cellar Design Process

As you might be aware, we offer free custom design consultations for our customers. Unlike many of our competitors, we provide this consultation free of charge no matter how small or large the space. Another thing that sets apart is the fact that your Cellar Consultant IS your Cellar Designer as well.

As a result, you can be sure there is no miscommunication in the design process as you are speaking directly with the individual who will take you from consultation to finished design. Our designers will make sure that we completely understand what you want to achieve in your wine cellar and how to best achieve that. To do so, we will account for any challenges and limitations that your space may present.

All of this leads to a design that will meet your needs and that is quickly turned around to you. Typically, one of our designers will return a design to you within 24 - 72 hours.

As always, we offer these consultations free of charge, no matter how small or large the space you’re looking to rack is. We will also gladly custom design wine racks if the need arises.

We recently worked with a gentleman in Texas who was converting an old pantry in his house into a wine cellar. He submitted a questionnaire through our site that outlined his ideas so we had an idea of what he wanted. Based on his questionnaire, we knew he wanted modular racking and diamond bins. However, he needed racks at a smaller width than the standard ones we offer on our site due to his space limitations. He also wanted a wood that would match the preexisting cabinet he had in the space.

We worked with him to determine what would not only best fit in his space but what would give him the aesthetic that he was looking for. We decided on our premium modular racking in mahogany for the sides of the space, modified diamond bins in the center and a stemware rack beneath the bins to give it that finishing touch.

We also added a 3/4" furniture grade veneer plywood back to the diamond bins to complete the look that he was hoping to achieve. The customer decided he would apply a finish to the racks on site so that their color would best match the cabinet these racks would rest upon.

After a short consultation and a quick revision, we provided the client with the SketchUp below.

The client loved the design and quickly signed off on our cellar agreement. From there, we started production on his racks right here in our facility in New York.

The end result is what you see below. The customer was kind enough to send us pictures of the finished racks in their new space as well as a glowing review of his experience with us at As you can see, our decay and moisture resistant mahogany wood took to the stain beautifully.

The installation went smoothly and I think the racks came out looking great.

Thanks for your help,


Thanks Client! It is always fantastic to see our racks in their new space and to hear that a customer enjoyed their experience with us at

Remember, if you like what you see but are unsure of what will work in your space then you can always request a custom design.

Also, if you’ve purchased a rack or installed a custom cellar from us and would like to be featured in our blog then don’t hesitate to e-mail me at


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