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Wine Cellar: From Idea to Execution

wine cellar idea

Many times when clients contact us all they know is they want a wine cellar to store their precious collection of wine. They may have their dimensions and a general idea of what walls they'd like to rack but sometimes all the other options can feel overwhelming, especially to someone who has never owned a wine cellar before.

What wood species do I want?

Do I want bulk storage like diamond bins?

Should I have separate racks for my magnum collection?

Do I want to go all out and have a fancy display area with an arch and tabletop?


How high do I want to rack?

And so on and so on.

It can seem like a lot which can make it feel hard to know where to begin. After all, the options can almost seem endless, especially as our racks are made right here in the United States and can be customized in so many different ways

Wine Cellar Design

wine cellar design idea
Just some dimensions to start

We get that and that's why our team here at are more than ready and willing to help guide anyone through this process, no matter the size or scope of the space.

One such client reached out to us without much more than a sketch of his space. He knew he wanted a showcase room and to rack as much of the space as possible but, well, that was about it.

One of our designers was quick to reach out and start the consultation. She patiently and thoroughly asked pertinent questions such as what wood species he might be interested in. She also verified a few dimensions in his space to make sure everything would fit perfectly.

After a couple quick emails back and forth, we had a design! The client loved it but wanted to make a small change to the positioning of the arch.

Wanting to make a few tweaks after seeing a design is quite typical as it can be very different to talk about a cellar and visualize something in your mind than to actually see it. We totally understand that and its why we offer a complimentary revision as part of our design process!

So, with those slight alterations made, we had the final design

wine cellar idea 3d design
The 3D rendering

Once the client had that and approved of it then we quickly worked up a quote and sent that off.

From there it was right into production here in our facility in New York. As we manufacture in-house, we're able to keep you up to date on your order so you're able to easily check in with your designer if you have any questions such as ship times, etc.

And, well, the final product speaks for itself.

Wine Cellar Execution - Photos

As you can see, we keep the production of our wine cellars simple and transparent every step along the way.

If you like what you see and would like assistance in replicating something similar then you can always fill out the form for a custom wine cellar design. This design is free of charge whether your space is a retail store like these or a small closet. You can also e-mail us at

We can provide everything from the wine racks to cooling unit and more. So, let us be your one stop shop for all your wine cellar needs.

For more wine storage design ideas & inspiration be sure to visit on Pinterest!

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