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Unique Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers
Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers

Trying to think of unique gift ideas for wine lovers in your life? A bottle of wine is always great, but even better is a unique wine gift that makes you stand out from the rest, and is here to help!

We recently added new products that would be perfect gifts for wine lovers from all walks of life. Here's our list:

Unique Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Stackable Wine Rack 12 Bottles
Stackable Wine Rack

1. Stackable Wine Rack - 12 Bottles

Stackable Wine Rack - 12 Bottles - Want expandable & organized wine storage? As your wine collection items grow so can your wine racking!

This versatile product is perfect for converting a closet, office, or one of those other nooks or crannies that are in every home.

2. 2 Foot Wine Cellar - 90 Bottle Storage

Complete Wine Cellar Combos - Perfect for Architects, Builders, Designers, and more! Need wine storage for a small space? This multi-wine rack kit is designed to kit within 2 feet of space.

Stackable Wine Rack 12 Bottles

Available in: Pine, Oak, Mahogany, Black Walnut
Dimensions: 23 1/4" w x 78" h x 12 3/8" d
With Crown Molding: 81"h


  • Individual Bottle Storage
  • Display Rows
  • Includes Crown Molding & Toe Kick for a finished/built-in look


3. VintageView - Vino Pin Kits

Vino Pins Designer Grid - 3 Bottles - Designer kits come with stylish label-forward Vino Pins starter sets in choice of milled aluminum, anodized black, or clear acrylic finishes.

An easy to use 36-inch wide printed plotting guide that can be taped to the wall during installation; and all the hardware (including aluminum collars) needed to install direct to wood, stud, or drywall surfaces.


4. Wine Glass Holder - Neck Sling

Neoprene Stem Strap - Know someone who just can't put down their wine glass? The Neoprene sling holds your wine glass from around your neck, allowing you to free up both hands for whatever other pursuits arise. The lining is rubberized which offers extra gripping power, and it's washable.

This makes a great gift for any Wine Festival goer, perfect for the Hudson Valley Wine Fest!


5. Wine Cellar Cube

Wine Cellar Cube - 24 Bottles - Simple bulk storage for your wine. Stack multiple cubes for additional storage. Some assembly required. Hardware and instructions included.

Woods Available: Pine, Oak, Mahogany

Stains Available: Clear Coat, Castle Brown, Charcoal, and Gray

Capacity: 24 Wine Bottles

Dimensions: 20"T x 20"W x 9" D

6. Complete Wine Cellar System

Honeycomb Combo

HONEYCOMB COMBO - 4 FOOT - This design features individual bottle racking with a display row and a stemware rack.

Dimensions do not include molding. This individual rack is constructed of solid wood without a stain/finish and will hold a variety of Wine Bottle Sizes.

Dimensions: 45 3/4" w x 78" h x 12 3/8" d.
Available: Pine, Oak, Mahogany, Black Walnut

Stains: Clear Coat, Castle Brown, Charcoal, and Gray


7. Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks

Our Wine Slides are perfect for the wine drinker with a drawer or two to spare in their kitchen. These slides are designed to slip right into a drawer and will seamlessly slide out as needed. Great for grabbing and going while entertaining.

Available in 12 bottle,18 bottle or 24 bottle sizes.

  • Solid Oak wood construction
  • 22-inch long full extension drawers
  • Heavy duty ball bearing slides
  • Fully assembled, easy installation into 18-inch cabinet or wider
  • 100-pound weight capacity per shelf
  • Stores a wide variety of wine bottle sizes
  • Easily install in minutes with a Philips-head screwdriver
  • Handcrafted in America by professional woodworker


8. Color of Wine Poster

Color of Wine Poster - Observing color in wine will improve your mental repertoire for activities such as blind tasting, assessing wine quality and vintage.

This chart will help you become familiar with the hue spectrum and common vernacular to describe wine color.

Includes: 18" x 24" Print, Wine Folly supporter pin, documentation, and satisfaction guarantee.


Wine Folly Poster

9. Wine & Cheese Poster (2-Sided)

Wine Folly Wine & Cheese Poster - This design includes 20 hand-illustrated wine and cheese pairings along with dozens of other pairing suggestions.

The print is the same on each side but with a different background color so you can display the color that most suits your space. An amazing addition for your kitchen, office, or next to your growing wine collection.


10. Raye Rolling Crystal Wine Glasses

Crystal Wine Glasses

Raye Rolling Crystal Wine Glasses - Topping the unique gift ideas for wine lovers list every year: Rolling Crystal Wine Glass set. Statement drink-ware deserves a place in any connoisseur’s cabinet.

Nothing fits the bill better than a pair of rolling tumblers, perfect for showing off the rich hues of neat drinks and fine wines.

Use the pointed base to swirl your glass on a flat surface, oxygenating your drink of choice.


11. VintageView Mini - Brushed Nickel

VintageView Mini - Brushed Nickel - Let’s face it, some homes have precious wall space to store wine, leaving a wet bar or countertop the only logical place to put a few bottles. The Mini is a versatile, tabletop display that takes our patented label-forward from the wall to any flat surface. Use your counter top to show off your bottles in contemporary style. Holds 6 750ml bottles, label-forward wine display


12. Mahogany Adirondack Chair

Mahogany Adirondack Chair - Lounge in style in the highest quality Adirondack Chair. Constructed of solid mahogany, these chairs will last a lifetime. Generous seat size, simple assembly. This is not your average Adirondack Chair.

Reddish brown and uniform in color, beautiful Luster with natural moderate color variations. 100% natural and 100% organic, with no preservatives or additives. Proven performer for decades in marine/pleasure boating industry for over 100 years; classic yacht wood above and below waterline.


13. Wine Playing Cards

Wine Playing Cards - Make that next poker game a little more interesting with these Wine Playing Cards. One deck provides information on red wines and the other deck is all about white wine while also being a complete set of playing cards. Choose either Red or White based on your preference, or even both! These Wine Playing Cards are the perfect gift for your friends that enjoy playing card games, drinking games, or host many events. They make for an excellent addition to any wine bar, wine room, or residential drinking space.

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For more ideas, be sure to check out our Wine Accessories & Gifts section on our website! We also have some great finds currently on sale.

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