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Building Retail Wine Racks for Lake Geneva Country Meats

At, we pride ourselves on designing and building quality wine racks that our clients will be proud to display for a lifetime. One advantage of taking such pride in our work is that we often see repeat customers who we get to know as more than just a client. A great example of that is Lake Geneva Country Meats.

Nick from Lake Geneva Country Meat initially contacted us over a year ago looking for some wine racks for his store. He worked with our associate Shannon to determine what would work best in his space and settled on our double tier island merchandisers in oak. He let us know he loved the racks and we were proud to have been able to help him rack his space.

A year later, Nick returned with a need for more wine racks. As he loved the double tier islands in oak, he decided to buy more along with two of our two column bin displays. We built them for him in house, as we do all our wood wine racks, and got them out to him just in time for Thanksgiving.

Nick then sent us the following, glowing testimonial:


"We received our racks last Friday and I got them installed Sunday for the Thanksgiving rush. I'm very grateful we were able to get them out in time, they really helped our sales. I've attached a picture of the layout. We don't have all of the signage up, and we're going to put a Christmas Tree in the middle of the racks, but you get the general picture! It really is a good layout and our customers frequently comment on how nice the racks are and wonder where we get them. I hope you have gotten some gift referrals from them!"


Nick also showed us a fantastic picture of our two column bin displays being used to hold dry goods instead of wine. It is always fun to see the alternate uses that exist for wine racks!


Shortly after this, Nick had a need for one more rack. This one had to be custom though which is no problem for us here at as all of our wood wine racks are expertly manufactured right here in the United States of America. As a result, we can follow your racking from the design stage to milling which makes custom designs possible. We worked with Nick to create a custom size double tier island merchandiser that would fit the style of the ones Lake Geneva Country Meat already had but that would also fit into a particular space in the store.

We designed one at the width Nick required and he loved it.

Lake Geneva 2
I just wanted to let you know we have the custom rack assembled, in place and it's perfect, thank you very much for getting that together for us. It was just in time for Christmas.

It is great to see your wine racks in such a beautiful finished space and to form such a fantastic partnership along the way.

Remember, if you like what you see but are unsure of what will work in your space then you can always request a custom design.

Also, if you’ve purchased a rack or installed a custom cellar from us and would like to be featured in our blog then don’t hesitate to e-mail me at


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