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WineWednesday: Our Advantage Cellar Wine Racks in Canada

Who says your cellar has to cost a fortune or that you need a huge space? This cellar was under $900 and perfectly utilizes every inch of a former closet. IMG_00000533

Our advantage line of wine racks is perfect for those with small spaces and small budgets. While also being an economical choice, the advantage series is 72″H and 10 3/4″ d so it can fit in those more limited spaces without issue.

This particular cellar has our advantage series rectangle bins for case storage, the three column modular rack for standard .750ml storage and the curved corner for practical storage which also beautifully fits within the angle of the room. This allowed the customer to fit 569 bottles into her space.

The home owner also opted for pine but the advantage series is also available in mahogany for those who desire a darker, harder wood.

You can check out the full Advantage series here on our website.

Another fun fact is that as our wine racks also qualify for NAFTA are crafted right here in America. As a result, we can ship duty free to Mexico and Canada. We have many international customers who benefit from this and we’re always happy to ship our racks to our neighbors to the North and South. These particular racks are now in a lovely home in Tower Hill, New Brunswick.

As you can see, there’s lots of rack options no matter the space.

If you are still unsure of what will work in your space though then you can always request a custom design. This design is free of charge whether your space is retail store like these or a small closet. You can also e-mail us at Customerserv@wineracks.com.

We can provide everything from the wine racks to the cellar door, lighting, cooling unit and more. So, let us be your one stop shop for all your wine cellar needs.

Introducing WineRacks.com Exclusive Wine Stacks


Introducing WineRacks.com Exclusive Wine Stacks! Check out our new line of Made In America wine racks while they’re on sale for a limited time, starting at $30.

Our Wine Stacks come fully assembled in three different wood species: mahogany, oak and pine. We offer a variety of racks in this new line that can be mixed and matched to create your own unique wine storage system.

The individual bottle rack will store 12 bottles inside the rack. You can store another 4 on top if you choose. This rack will store up to a Champagne size 750ml bottle.

Three varieties of bin racks gives you the option to store a variety of odd shaped or larger bottles while also breaking up the look of your racking.

We also offer a stemware rack for all your precious glassware.

Stacks are 18 3/4″ wide x 12″ high and 12 3/8″ deep to fully support a wine bottle. They are made of unfinished solid wood right in our New York factory. Put one on your counter, sell them in your stpre or stack a few to make a mini-wine cellar.

Designing Wine Racks For a Local, Upscale Wine Restaurant


We love working with local businesses! Here’s a look at our Made In America wood wine racks in Nic L Inn Wine Cellar in Poughkeepsie. Our mahogany single tier wall merchandiser was stained black to match the industrial style look that the restaurant was going for.

The rack was then inset into the wall itself. We used our Elemental LED lighting kits to then make the rack and its precious contents pop. As we mentioned before, there’s definite benefits to using LED lighting in your wine cellar including the fact that they generate little heat.

The black chalkboard paint on the wall is a final, beautiful touch that also allows the restaurant to easily highlight their wine specials.

All of this, when brought together, created just the upscale look that Nic L Inn was going for.

It is great to see so much of the Hudson Valley represented in Nic L Inn, from the local wine racks to the farm to table menu. And it was even better to get a rave review back from Nic L Inn.

“WineRacks.com was so pleasant and easy to work with! They gave us a great price for our custom wine rack, and made it exactly how we needed it, stained it to match our restaurant and installed it for us. It’s perfect to use and to look at! Thanks so much!”



Like what you see and looking for wine racks for your store or home? Let us help and use the code FIRSTORDER to save 15%!

From Closet to Wine Cellar. A Look at What Can Be Done With WineRacks.com’s Cellar Combos


Who says you need a huge space and a huge budget to have gorgeous wine racks? This beautiful cellar is made up of the five foot combo 2 in mahogany which you can find right here on WineRacks.com.

Many of our cellar combos are designed with small spaces in mind and can be mixed and matched with any of the racks you find in our premium cellar series.

Available in pine, mahogany and oak, these racks are made with smaller spaces and budgets in mind.

This particular cellar was built from our unfinished mahogany and installed locally by our professional team. We are more than happy to assist you with an install whether you buy online or let one of our designers guide you through a custom layout.

Though our racks are designed to be easily assembled at home, there’s definite perks to allowing us to help you professionally.

One of the bonuses of our white glove install program is that our team can perfectly fit your wine racks in place on site. Another is that your racking comes with a free lifetime guarantee.

And, finally, we can provide as well as install everything from the wine racks to the cellar door, lighting, cooling unit and more. So, let us be your one stop shop for all your wine cellar needs.

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